I was all too aware of the task before me as I continued working on the book.  I had been seeking God in prayer and through His Word about what truths He wanted addressed in this chapter.  Of all the content in this book, this was the hardest section – I felt (and feel) a significant burden to be very precise in relating God’s Truth.  Before I sat down to write, I looked out the window to yet another cloudy, gloomy day.  I said, “God, even with the lights on it is too dark here.  I need some sunshine!  I just feel so much better when it is bright outside.” 

 I poured myself some coffee and gathered up my things when I glanced back at the window to see that God had answered my prayer!  The sun was shining brightly and I was grinning and praising God.  Then I noticed that with the bright sunlight coming in the window I could see things I hadn’t seen even with the lights on…water spots on the window, crumbs on the counter from making toast, yucky stuff on my range top…whoa! 

What an analogy for this chapter – God’s Truth is the light that shines into our lives and our hearts, revealing the yucky stuff in us.  As I cleaned off the counter and the stove top, I prayed that God would shine His light on my heart to reveal things that needed my attention. 

(Excerpt from Chapter Seven of Your Desire Shall be for Your Husband – all rights reserved by author)


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