Not my Enemy

I remember a defining moment some years back – after years of emotional upheaval in our relationship (in me), God allowed me to grasp the concept that my husband has always been the one He planned for me.  God chose to use him in my life to make necessary changes (some quite painful, I might add).  I needed to change my thinking and allow God to work through him – I needed to cooperate with God in my marriage because God had my (our) best at heart. 

What a revelation!!  I can hardly express the freedom that came with that revelation.  It completely changed how I viewed my husband’s moods and emotions and gave me more freedom to look reasonably upon our conflicts to see if God wanted something from me that He was using my husband to bring about. 

 I learned to see my husband as God’s servant in my life and I learned that even in the midst of a marital battle, he was not my enemy.  I have an enemy.  We all do.  The same enemy of our God is our enemy and he is brutal, cruel, and he really hates happy marriages.  I learned and am still learning to fight the enemy without wounding my husband.  I have chosen to remember that even in our worst times, my husband is not my enemy; even when he looks like he is to my physical eyes or sounds like he is to my physical ears. 

(Excerpt from Chapter Eight of Your Desire Shall be for Your Husband – all rights reserved by author)


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