Her Sin

I cringe when I hear a believer say they would never become involved with someone outside of their marriage. I said the same thing. The evil one is devious and is always looking for a way to destroy God’s children. Our marriages need to be protected. The cost of unfaithfulness is high and many have been wounded by it. My heart aches when I think about the impact of unfaithfulness (often leading to divorce) on the lives it has touched.

While infidelity is often cited as cause for divorce, other sins cause many problems and result in unhappy marriages and dysfunctional homes. Even if you have never been emotionally or physically unfaithful, you may have issues of your own that could destroy your marriage if left unchecked. I urge you to look carefully at your relationship with your husband and to ask God to reveal to you anything that is a hindrance to a godly marriage.

(Excerpt from Chapter Four of Your Desire Shall be for Your Husband – all rights reserved by author)


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