Door Checkers

I grew up in a very small Kansas town where no one, except the sheriff, locked their doors even at night.  When I married the sheriff’s son, I thought I had married one paranoid guy!  He would lock the doors, check them, and sometimes get up out of bed to check them again.  I was grateful for his protection but I had to learn he wasn’t necessarily being paranoid; he was simply raised to lock the doors! 

All our daughters learned to lock doors.  They also learned that when their dad was gone, I would lock things up but they would check to be sure.  One of our daughters inherited her dad’s door-checking propensity more than the others and she married a precious man who was not a door checker by nature or his raising.  She could hardly even imagine a guy who didn’t protect his family by locking and double-checking the doors.  She had some serious issues with this!  I chuckle now at some of the conversations she and her husband had in those early days of marriage; but she was serious as a heart attack about it.    

 She came to grips with it by recognizing that just because her dad was a door checker didn’t mean her husband had to be.  She was wise and expressed to her husband how important it was to her to feel protected in that way and then learned to let go.  I’m proud to say that my son-in-law wants desperately to be a good husband and he is really good about locking those doors now!

 (Excerpt from Chapter Eleven of Your Desire Shall be for Your Husband – all rights reserved by author)


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