This writing is not my own by any means.  Nearly every relationship I have ever had has impacted the direction of this book.  First, of course, my relationship with God is the most influential as I have looked to Him and to His Word for direction and truth.  I have learned to trust Him to lead me each step of the way.  He has been faithful always but I haven’t always recognized that.  I see His faithfulness as I look back over the months of writing…He has used others to nudge me, encourage me, and empower me to continue on toward the completion of this project.  If this book has been written for no other reason than as a demonstration of my obedience to Him it has been well worth it; however, I have come to understand that God has purposes well beyond my scope of imagination and I dedicate this book to His purposes.

Next, my precious husband has challenged my thinking about the marriage relationship more than anyone as we have paved our way from our teen years to now.  There is no other person on this earth I want to please more than him and that desire to please him has translated into a quest to seek God at a level that brings health and life into our relationship.  Thank you, Phil, for being used by God to speak truth to me so many times.  I know you feel like you often don’t understand me but there isn’t anyone who knows me better.  Thank you for your love and for loving our children and grandchildren – I smile when I think about the things that motivate you because those things always involve a vision of our family on down the road.  I love you more now than ever and look forward to celebrating many years of life to come with you, Lord willing.

Close on the heels of their dad, our four daughters have prompted me to be more than I would ever dream of being without them.  They inspire me daily to stay close to God so I can reflect Him to them and to their husbands and their children.  God has multiplied my passion for godly families by giving my daughters hearts with that same bent; which means that they seek God toward that end not only for themselves but for those they are in relationship with.  God has blessed our oldest three daughters with godly husbands and blessed them with children.  Our youngest daughter has a passion for purity before God that has inspired all of us.  Nichole, Jessica, Heidi, and Courtney – I am blessed by you beyond my dreams.  Thank you for your contributions to this book and to my life.  I love you more than I imagined possible.

 To my mom, Verna; my sister, Susan; my girlfriends and sisters-in-Christ, Linda, Diana, Lisa, Julia, Marcia, Kay, Arlyn, Terry, Christi, Angie, Jan, Judi, Denise, and Marilyn:  Thank you for encouraging me to do what God was prompting me to do.  You answered and helped distribute the survey, you listened to me on the phone, and you held me accountable by asking about my progress.   Some of you helped with early editing and gave honest feedback about the parts of the book that needed revamping. Thank you for your honesty and openness as we have prayed together and discussed the issues we have all faced in our lives.  You have each given me glimpses of your hearts that will always endear you to me.  I love you forever with a holy love.

 (Dedication of Your Desire Shall be for Your Husband – all rights reserved by the author)


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